Third Party Design

Our product design and development services provide our customers with a single point of responsibility throughout the entire product making process.

The best know-how in laboratory diagnostics

Based on the foundation of ISO 13485 for IVD medical devices, our manufacturing team offers flexibility, expertise in laboratory diagnostics and device manufacturing inspired by the best quality standards.

We have a long experience in manufacturing IVD instruments for globally active companies, historically working with large multinational groups that entrust us with part of the design and manufacture of their best equipment.

Our manufacturing processes, quality procedures, manufacturing tools, logistics systems, operator training and resource management are tailored specifically to perform the targets of the IVD in vitro diagnostics area.
We provide a flexible set of manufacturing solutions for every stage of the product lifecycle and any business case, from prototyping to small batch production, to drive full volume production and production lines.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in Tuscany, Italy and they are ISO 13485: 2016 certified.

Visia Lab is a leading Italian company in the In Vitro Diagnostics Device technology sector.

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IFA All-in-One slide processing and reading system.

The automatic system to digitize slides LIVE, even remotely.

Your state of the art IFA slide automatic scanner.