qualified team of young and experienced professionals works proactively to create high quality products and provide innovative solutions for demanding and demanding markets.

VISIA LAB is an emerging company engaged in the design, development and production of hardware and software solutions for IVD clinical laboratory diagnostics, with various fields of application, including cytodiagnostics & cytogenetics, digital and tele-pathology, immunoassays and in particular immunofluorescence assays, big data and genetic testing in general.

Founded in 2020, VISIA LAB is a global business-to-business technology company OEM-oriented. VISIA LAB born to create new, innovative and transformative diagnostic platforms and products. The company’s mission and purpose is to create new diagnostic technologies and models of patient care thanks to the most innovative technologies and the know-how used.

Multidisciplinary team

VISIA LAB is organized in cross-functional departments. Multidisciplinary groups of workers from different professional or academic backgrounds collaborate on specific projects to increase creativity and share knowledge resulting in higher quality and faster solutions as a result.

of employees are university graduates in various disciplines.

of human resources in research and development.

of gross revenue is invested in research and development.

of resources is female.

Corporate governance and economic responsibility

VISIA LAB is attentive to the issues of youth employment: this is demonstrated for example by the average age of about 35 among employees.

The company encourages forms of orientation and training for disadvantaged and non-EU students, as well as strongly communicates and cooperates with the scholastic-district institutes, favoring school-work alternation.

Visia Lab received from the competent Authority – Competition and Market Guarantor Authority -, in its meeting on 10 October 2023, the attribution of the Legality Rating filed on 6 September 2023. Ref. RT19645

Social responsibility and investment

Sector particularly “felt and desired” by the Company, which constantly strives to support and help in particular personal and collective situations, such as the many philanthropic associations of the Valdarno area, or third sector companies such as Qoelet, up to prop for local sports associations (Sangiovannese Calcio, Sangiovannese Futsal, Table Tennis Federation, Sangiovannese Athletics), holding for cultural activities through contributions to local communities, including the Municipality of San Giovanni Valdarno.

VISIA’s attention to the various facets of the social has led, for example, to the decision to sponsor the FAIRPLAY AWARD in the years 2017 and 2018 where Recognitions are awarded to important and significant personalities for significant initiatives and behaviors in sports sectors and in all that it unites sport in all its components with civil society.

Ethics and human resources

Considering the reality in which it operates, VISIA LAB could absolutely not ignore a strong focus on work ethics. The link with the territory and its background give an exceptional boost to this attention and care.

VISIA LAB is considerate to the needs of its employees in the family and / or social sphere, and for this reason evaluates the granting of part-time contracts or agile work.

Attention to the human aspect of the employment relationship is also evident from the early stages of the same: correctness in the personnel selection phase is a basic element, the VISIA LAB HR sector always tries to provide feedback to candidates who send spontaneously applications and CVs.

Environmental protection and sustainability

VISIA LAB is located in the municipality of San Giovanni Valdarno, in the province of Arezzo, Tuscany.

VISIA LAB, which has always been attentive to the issues of environmental protection and urban decor, has consequently adopted internal containers for recycling, in order to be able to deliver waste in a suitable manner to the new bins.

Visia Lab boasts continuous growth thanks to the constant commitment to research and product development.