The NAVILIVE has remote function that allows to share the live viewing and the digital slides between meeting participants.

The NAVILIVE is an automated system, it scans the whole slide in order to produce the digital slide. It is a digital microscope and allows to review the digital slide (or at least the entire scanned area).

In pathological anatomy, the slide is fully digitized by the system and made video-usable for detailed diagnosis and evaluation. The acquisition procedure involves a first setting phase through a guided path (wizard), differentiated by type of slide. The images acquired by scanning the slide can be navigated with a real virtual microscope. The operator can browse the image, use the editing tools available, enter their diagnosis related to the case and generate reports. The software management system also allows efficient organization of the acquired slides, making the search quick and the navigation of the image functional. The system can operate both locally and intranet / internet, thus allowing the sharing of databases between multiple users and the navigation of cases remotely through simple web access.
This tool therefore has numerous additional applications such as consultancy, teaching, quality control and decentralization of diagnosis.

NAVILIVE is an automated system composed by a fully motorized brightfield microscope equipped with an external PC station (with the controlling software) and color monitor.

The remote management through a specific feature allows the user to use the live microscope, the scanner and the virtual microscope from a remote location, for a Live TelePathology and Second Opinion purposes.


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