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L20-07 IFA PROCESSOR is a laboratory instrument for the automatic preparation of IFA slides, compatible with EPIQO technology.

L20-07 IFA PROCESSOR is a liquid handling system for the fully automatic preparation of IFA slides, including the application of the coverslip.

It is a preparatory system for indirect immunofluorescence tests on slides which is also predisposed for the automation of ELISA, BLOT and ARRAY/CHIP test techniques.

This laboratory device complies with the new EU-IVDR regulation.

Thanks to the capacity of 30 IFA slides, L20-07 IFA PROCESSOR is at the top of the instrument range in terms of workload and compact dimensions.

L20-07 IFA PROCESSOR has been designed to guarantee full compatibility with EPIQO IFA scanner technology: the combination of the two instruments generates the definitive combined full Automation solution for the laboratory, optimizing a large load capacity in a small space.

Technical Specifications

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